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About Our Firm

John Patrick Picard Architect, Inc. is a full service architectural firm with more than 25 years of experience and a well established reputation of excellence. Located in Downtown Massillon, the firm is credited with many successful projects such as the Chamber of Commerce/HOF Offices in the Millennium Building, the Canton City Hall building revitalization with featured Corinthian column, the Community Campus at Goodwill, and the Metropolitan Centre of Canton.

The firm is also known for its expertise in energy efficient design with projects such as the Energy Star design Brewster Dairy Corporate Offices, the Shearer’s Foods LEED Platinum facility in Massillon, as well as the LEED Certified Metropolitan Centre of Canton. John Patrick Picard, the firm’s owner is the State of Ohio’s authority on accessible design.

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Our philosophy and goal is to design and create architecture that will withstand the test of time, both in materials and in quality of design. We view architecture as the creation of a living sculpture. As a firm, we have elected to provide Architectural Design and Services of the highest quality. We understand that there is absolutely no relationship between cost and good design as "good design is a choice not an expense." Our full-service firm offers traditional architectural services as well as Interior Design and Landscaping Design services. We provide all of these services because we believe that the architecture we create is not just in the floors, walls, and the roofs we build, but more in the emotions we evoke through the spaces we create. By providing all aspects of design, we are better able to create a unified expression within the space.

Our Team
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