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Steps to a Successful Project

Due to John Patrick Picard Architect Inc.’s commitment to providing service to our clients and ensuring a successful project, we take a true hands-on approach in every step of the design and construction phases. Below, you will find the path that we follow to guide a client through these phases ensuring along the way that Owner, Contractor, Building Official, and Architect are working in unison. 

I. Schematic Design Phase 
  • Conduct property survey 

  • Determine site opportunities and limitations via survey and visual inspections 

  • Develop, with Owners committee a comprehensive project program of the Clients’ needs and desires.  

  • Develop a Venn diagram relationship study for the Owner’s review, revisions, and approval. 

  • Develop a schematic site/floor plan for the Owner’s review, revisions, and approval.  

  • Develop schematic elevations and building sections for Owner’s review, revisions, and approval.  

  • Develop a construction budget and a fixed fee for architectural commission to complete the project.  


II. Construction Document Phase 
  • From the schematic design, develop the necessary construction documents to competitively bid and construct a proposed development.  

  • Documents such as: 

  • State required code data and integration  

  • Accessibility compliance documents 

  • General construction requirements 

  • Complete specifications for the purchase and installation of all materials 

  • Site engineering and details 

  • Structural engineering and details 

  • Foundations and frame 

  • Architectural engineering and details 

  • Plans 

  • Elevations 

  • Details 

  • Finishes 

  • Selections 

  • Plumbing engineering and details 

  • HVAC engineering and details 

  • Electrical engineering and details 

  • Fire Protection engineering and details 

III. Construction Phase 
  • Competitively bid out project to qualified/approved bidders 

  • Coordinate and attend multiple pre-bid meetings 

  • Conduct bid opening 

  • Produce and perform survey and evaluation of three low bids 

  • Develop Bid/Contractor recommendation letter 

  • Produce and administrate contracts between owner and contractor 

  • Coordinate and attend pre-construction conference 

  • Conduct weekly job progress and administration meetings 

  • Review and approve all product submittals and shop drawings for all materials 

  • Administrate allowance authorizations and change orders 

  • Review and confirm application for payments 

  • Perform punch list walk-thru and confirm completion of items  

  • Administrate contract close-out 

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